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Akademien Nightclub is a part of JSU, Jönköping Student Union.

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All crew members are students at Jönköping University except hired Djs, security crew, cleaning crew and Akademien manager. The students perform voluntary work, so they do not get paid for the work they do in the club.

By students – for students.

The Akademien Crew is divided in different working groups.


You work as a bartender in the club and on dinner parties etc.


Takes all the photos during the nights that we publish on our Social Media.


Work with renovations and maintenance of the club and bigger projects as the Kick Off.


Cooking in the kitchen for night food and dinner parties.


Work with theme parties and events at the club and help other groups in Akademien.


Work with design of material for our social media etc.


A group of Djs who plays on dinner parties etc. and in some other events in and outside Akademien.


Take care of sound and light equipment in Akademien and in other bigger events like the Kick Off.


They work with dishes, cleaning during the nights , in the cloakroom, in the entrance. Works in the entrance, cloakroom, help the bartenders, dishes and so on.
Sexmästerier works with the Kick Off and also do ”sittningar” caps, beerpong in the club.
The names of of our Sexmästerier is BlueCrew, Hi Life, Sexkreation, Cellskapet, Pedsex Park, Qultmästeriet and West Coast.


The nightclub open up in september 1990. The name of the club back then was ”KÅREN” from Kårhuset. 1999 the name changed after a contest to Akademien. Many students today call the club AKA.

From the start the club was quite small. One bar with a dance floor. During the years Akademien
have been rebuilt and expanded to one of the biggest nightclubs in Sweden.

Today Akademien consists of two dance floors and four bars. The first dance floor, Brazil Bar, here the Djs play party music from the classics to modern. This dance floor always have our signatur track Stad i Ljus by Tommy Körberg as its last track of the night.

And the second Tokyo Bar, here the the Djs play house/club music.

In the dinner room, Frankfurt, most of the events arranged by students are held.

On the second floor Akademien has a lounge area with a big bar, London Lounge, with a more soft approach. Akademien has an approximated cap at 1000 guests.

During the Kick Off weeks Akademien expands and uses the entire street outside to welcome all new and old students to Akademien and a new semester.

Akademien is owned by JSU, Jönköping Student Union.
More about JSU you can read here.